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  • Ten 1 hour sessions inclusive

    1 hr

    2,390 Australian dollars
  • A Presentation to Remember

    1 hr

    1,563 Australian dollars
  • P-12 and Adult Training

    7 hr

    677 Australian dollars
  • Private Commissions

    1 hr

    257 Australian dollars

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What They're Saying
Researching and Writing

'Julie was an inspirational speaker for the senior students to hear from. They were engaged in listening to her story of how she became an author, her sample texts and images she shared, as well as hearing about her ways of working. Julie delivered a professional presentation, with microphone, visuals, QR codes and texts available to view. The students then moved into a ‘workshop’ style part of the lesson, to create their own beginnings of artwork for a competition for illustrators. All of my students were immediately drawing and sketching and benefitted from Julie’s grounding technique to overcome writers' or artists’ block. I would highly recommend Julie as a guest speaker in an English, Literature or Arts classroom.'

- Vanessa Duschka, QDET Leading Teacher and Mentor

'That was awesome!'

- Year 3 school student

'Julie has a natural gift for written expression, making her an accomplished author. Her writing, which is versatile and varied, expresses a deep understanding of people. While Julie conveys compassion and empathy, she also makes room for humour and wit. A passionate writer, Julie is always pursuing her craft with energy and enthusiasm and I look forward to reading more of her expressive work.'

- Beverley Streater, publishing executive

'We always receive positive reviews from participants after Julie's training sessions. She is consistently organised, professional, and engaging.'

- Glen Pardy, QFES Executive

'I loved that.'

- Year 10 school student

I provided a keynote for the launch of Julie's book 'Remember - Lest We Forget'. Julie was ultra-organised for the event and more importantly, the book she had created was masterfully written from the heart with a message that I hope all school children will read.
Since then Julie has graciously and expertly offered her time to not only create a website for the organisation 'Cor Infinitus' (meaning 'Infinite Courage'), but also develop the creative formulae for it's online look, feel and presence. She continues to impress with her research, creativity and articulate expression for her own writing as well as mine. She has provided excellent advice, fruitful contacts and I'm incredibly grateful for her counsel.

- Kevin Humphreys DSC, Keynote PSeaker and Mates for Mates Ambassador

'THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to our school to share your books. The kids and staff are still so excited about your visit!'

- Naomi Bradley, QDET Teacher

'Our students got so much out of your writers in residence workshop sessions.

Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us.'

- Trisha Cattel, BCE Teacher Librarian

'I hope you come back soon.'

- Year 6 school student

That was a wonderful presentation. The stage looked amazing and I was excited as soon as I walked in. The students really benefitted from your session. Thank you for making it engaging and fun for all the students across P-6. Even our tough students were engaged.

- Nameeta Soni, QDET HOD

Discounts are available for multiple sessions.

If your school or organisation needs help to pay, scholarships are available by request.


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