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Taylah Barber


Hi, my name is Taylah Barba and I’m 11 years old. I live on the Gold Coast and I love living here - it’s my home. I love my school, my friends, my family and pets and riding my bike. My favourite things are unicorns, cats, dogs, birds - most animals, chocolate, sour lollies, thrill rides, and I enjoy my weekly hobbies of art class, chess club, karate and playing the flute! My future aspirations and dreams are to be a police officer and go to Japan with my school. One day I would like to visit Europe again and visit more places - I’ve already been to Rome and Prague and found the best toy store in the world that I am going back to!! 


I based my picture on a child being read stories by their parent or grandparent and what they envision in their head when the story is read to them. I am so excited to have my picture selected for this book! 

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