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Emma Ingram


Emma Ingram Headshot.jpeg

My name is Emma Ingram and I am 32 years old. I am a qualified Primary School teacher, however, I am currently on extended maternity leave to spend some time raising my two beautiful children. I am a mum by day and artist by night as once the kids are in bed you will find me creating in my art studio that my husband built me last year. I have always loved art but returned to it in full force when the pandemic hit. 

As a primary school teacher, I thought it would be amazing to show students that anyone can be an author or illustrator.
 The story of the ANZACs is covered in history and English lessons at my school through a catholic lens which deepens students understanding of the sacrifices of these brave Australians and New Zealanders. How amazing would it be to use Remember, Lest We Forget as a resource for these lessons with one of their teachers being an illustrator!

Artists that inspire me the most are Jane Davenport, Jane Beata, and Angela Kennedy.

You can check out more of my art here and here.

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