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Michelle Worley


I am a watercolour artist from Northern NSW and am passionate about the natural world. My home is nestled amongst many acres of natural bush and is a never-ending source of inspiration. From the

textures, shapes and colours of the leaves, rocks, flowers, and seeds; I am inspired to paint. Ultimately, it is the light across this landscape that captivates me the most.

There have been many instances in my life that I have needed the support of a 000 worker. The most profound when I injured my knee badly, hiking in remote country in the Royal National Park south of Sydney. An experienced team of remote paramedics, fire brigade, surf lifesavers, ambulance officers and the local community banded together to get me out safely. Each providing a critical role and profoundly impacting me. From the warmth of a lovely cup of tea and idle chat to the specialist stretcher to get me out across rough terrain; each persons’ role was crucial.

In this artwork I wanted to include a broad spectrum of first responders, as well as the animals that are employed to serve. The poppy is very symbolic to me and is a symbol I carry in my mind all year. The responders here are all leaving ANZAC Day celebrations on the symbolic memorial path of poppies to continue with their everyday work.

You can check out more of my art here.

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