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Ian Coate


Ian Coate is a military artist and freelance illustrator. He joined the Royal Australian Survey Corps in the late 80’s and was trained as an illustrator-reprographic and military-photographer. In the mid 1990’s, Ian left the army to pursue a career as an artist/illustrator. Since then, Ian has produced an endless volume and variety of illustrations for magazines and books. In his capacity as a visual historian, his artworks are on display at museums around Australia, while his military prints are exhibited by collectors worldwide. 


Ian lives in Perth, Western Australia. He is currently the SAS Historical Foundation’s Artist-in-Residence and an Ambassador for the Army Art organisation. Ian is a seventh generation Aussie whose relatives moved from the east coast of Australia to settle and farm in the south-west of WA. Direct members of his family have served Australia in the Boer War, WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Timor and Afghanistan. Ian has a great love for Australia: its visual beauty, history and heritage, but most of all its oddities.


Ian’s original artworks hang in military museum around Australia including: SAS Regiment – Perth; WA Military Museum - Fremantle;  4RAR Battalion - Sydney; 2/14 Lighthorse – Brisbane; Duntroon – Canberra; 13th Engineers – Perth.

Co-signies on Ian’s prints have included: Australian of the Year: General Cosgrove. The Surgeon General, John Pearn. WW2 pilot and double ace, Bobby Gibbs. Victoria Cross recipients: Ted Kenna and Keith Payne. Plus a notable list of generals, commandants and exemplary soldiers. (Their generosity of time has contributed greatly to well over $200,000 from print sales donated to various charities, both military and civil.) To see Ian’s Military artworks: PRESS HERE.

Ian has illustrated many covers and layouts for books and magazines.  At the age of 17, Ian was a cover artist and contributing illustrator for a sci-fantasy magazine, Australian Realms. Ian has worked as illustrator for a range of Missionary Children’s Books for Basic Training Bible Ministries.  Published in four languages and distributed throughout America, South America, Africa, India and Australia. Gary Goanna Goes Healthy / Illustrator / Diabetes WA. First Aid in Pictures / Illustrator / True Blue. The Aborigine and the Mermaid / Author and illustrator / Matilda Press. Billabong Valley / Co-Author and illustrator / Billabong Valley Publications. Joe, The Blue-eyed Cockatoo  / Illustrator / Media Masters Publications. To go to Ian’s Publishing page: PRESS HERE.


For over 15 years, Ian and his wife, Sue, have quietly been working on MYTHIC AUSTRALIA, a fun Aussie universe filled with drop bears, hoop snakes and other curious creatures only found in the Land Down Under.  They hope Aussie kids will start realizing how cool their own country is. To go to the Mythic Australia' website: PRESS HERE.


Ian was commissioned to design various product ranges for the Australian Tourism market.  These products have their own brand and are distributed by ‘True Blue’ throughout Australia. The most successful of these ranges are:
Australian Sunsets Aussie Attitudes Australian Footsteps. Whilst creating the Australian Footsteps range, Ian was privileged to work with many talented local indigenous artists.  The experience and exchange of ideas was both valuable and insightful. To see Ian’s Commercial Art: PRESS HERE.


Ian Coate is a Christian who has used his artistic abilities to make the message of the Bible easier to understand. Ian has worked with churches and missionary groups around the world with the primary focus of the Christian commission – 'So all may hear the Gospel'.  He hopes you will take the time to look at some of the illustrations in: 10 Reasons to Consider Christianity. To go to Ian’s 'Illustrating Christianity' page: PRESS HERE.


Ian would love to hear from you. If you wish to contact him, send an e-mail to: He apologises if he doesn’t get back to you straight away; he may be lost somewhere in the Australian bush.


He does the odd commission, portrait, or illustration. However, he presently has a lot of work on and needs a bit of lead time. His specialties are Military & Historical Art / Book covers & illustrations for both adult & children’s publications. He charges standard industry rates. However, he is happy to negotiate on special jobs. For further information on pricing structure, industry rates & copyright PRESS HERE.


‘Any blurb about me is nowhere near complete if it doesn't acknowledge my muse who also happens to be my wife. Sue is my partner, my secretary, my editor, my greatest support, my worst critic and my best friend. No words can ever adequately express my gratitude to her.


Thank you Sue - I cherish the days we spend together.’


-Ian Coate

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