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About the Author

JE Miller NEM BAEngLit.PGDEd.PGDPsych.

Writing for all ages, J.E. Miller creates characters you'll love. Inspired by childhood favourites, fables, folk tales, and myths across cultures, J.E. Miller writes for contemporary social relevance.



'I chose to be the ambassador for this very special book. The story about the shoes is incredibly important. I think that's the nicest part of the book that resonates the most. Becoming a police officer... those shoes were set for me when I was a young child. This book, Triple Zero Heroes, is very important to me.'

Katarina Carroll, Commissioner

Queensland Police Service

'Napoleon said, “if you want to learn a nation’s interests, go to the graves of its soldiers”.  This may be the best approach for adults to learn about Australia’s proud military history, however, it may be appropriate and necessary to teach our young people in a different way.  This is where J.E. Miller’s book Remember really excels.  Written with empathy, sensitivity, and respect for our veterans’ sacrifices, this book conveys the message of remembrance in a way that will resonate with Australians of all ages.'


A. J. (Jim) Molan AO DSC 

Major General


‘As a former volunteer rural firefighter, I was thrilled to read this beautiful book.

Our emergency services personnel are integral to the fabric of Australia, and this commemorative book should be in every school and library in Australia. Exquisitely written, beautifully illustrated. The author’s approach of running a community illustration competition, and then writing a story to match the winners’ drawings, was novel and exciting, and she nailed it.’

Cate Sawyer, Author.

‘A wonderful narration of walking in the shoes of humble and dedicated people, Triple Zero Heroes generously acknowledges the sacrifices, skills and commitment of emergency services personnel.’

Mike Wassing, Deputy Commissioner

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services


Remember is a true gift. Within these pages is the key to stimulating young minds to see the world through the eyes of others, sacrifices made in our name by men and women in uniform, and the families who love and support them. In this ennobled memory, we are prompted to ask if we continue to be people worthy of such sacrifices.’

The Hon Dr. Brendan Nelson AO

Former Director of the Australian War Memorial

Remember is an inspiring guide to a more compassionate and peaceful world. With the innocence and empathy of a child, we walk in the shoes of our veterans and their families, to explore the experiences, emotions and perspectives of war. Along the journey we gain the insight to translate their immeasurable sacrifice into the hopeful actions of a better world. This book is a must for every Australian school and home. Lest We Forget.’

Wing Commander Sharon Bown (Ret’d)

Returned Service Nurse

Member of the Council of the Australian War Memorial


‘What a gift; to walk a mile in our veterans’ shoes – the gift of empathy. Simple in language yet ornate in visual imagery, Remember is the perfect book to educate our children why we stand as a nation with pride and gratitude.’


Kevin Humphreys

Mates 4 Mates Community Ambassador

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